Application Note

Lasers For Defense: Ultra G® Series

Source: Laser Operations LLC / QPC Lasers

The BrightLock® Ultra-G is a breakthrough laser platform based on proprietary BrightLock® semiconductor chip technology. The Ultra-G platform was released in 2009 and won the prestigious Prism Award from SPIE for most innovative laser of the year. The keys to the Ultra-G's performance include dramatic improvements in laser system compactness, efficiency, brightness, and beam quality while simultaneously reducing thermal management requirements, cost and complexity of the system. The optimized cavity design and integration of wavelength stabilized diodes allows the laser to be pulsed to provide increased ocular impairment. Several major US Defense contractors have already designed in the Ultra-G as the reliable light source for demanding long range daylight illumination and optical interruption applications in airborne, naval and ground vehicle platforms.