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LASER World Of PHOTONICS 2013 Features Advances In Biophotonics And Medical Technology, Allowing Quicker Diagnoses And More Efficient Therapies

LASER World of PHOTONICS 2013 will feature advances in Biophotonics and Medical Technology, including associated products and demonstrations. In addition, the World of Photonics Congress will host four related panel sessions: “Laser Applications and Optical Diagnostics in Ophthalmology”, “Unmet Needs in Biophotonics Technology”, “Lasers for Analysis and Imaging in Biophotonics” and “Visions for Future Diagnostics – Endoscopy”.

Advances in Optical Biopsies
Optical biopsies are increasingly important in biophotonics. LASER exhibitor Jenlab will present a compact clinical multiphoton CARS tomograph that provides optical biopsies that have extremely high resolutions and include chemical information. It sends two ultrashort near-infrared laser beams through an optical arm and superimposes them with regard to both space and time in the tissue being examined. It combines autofluorescense of the tissue due to multiphoton excitation and a CARS (Coherent Anti-Stokes Raman Spectroscopy) signal. Tissue can now be examined for mutations either directly or inside the patient’s body. Until now, it was necessary to take tissue samples.

Lasers in Analysis and Imaging
A LASER panel discussion “Lasers in Analysis and Imaging” led by Dr. Matthias Schulze, Marketing Director at Coherent, will discuss new developments in ophthalmology, including ultra-short pulse lasers used in cataract treatment. They improve the patient’s vision by replacing the cloudy natural lens with an artificial lens (IOL, Intra-Ocular Lens). According to Schulze, they make it possible to better prepare the eye for the use of premium IOLs because targeted cuts can be used to correct astigmatism. Coherent will have ultra-short pulse lasers of this kind on display at the trade fair.

Dr. Manfred Dick, Head of Advanced Development for Ophthalmological Systems at Carl Zeiss Meditec, points out another advantage of optical techniques. “Femtosecond lasers make it possible to cut the small flap in the cornea with much greater precision, which reduces the risk of complications following the operation. The latest generation of femtosecond lasers for refractive surgery makes it possible to perform a minimally invasive, all-in-one procedure with extremely precise cuts.”

Lasers used in LASIK (Laser-in-Situ-Keratomileusis) to correct vision defects are constantly improving. LASIK typically removes a tiny piece of the cornea to change its refractive power, allowing the patient to see clearly without glasses. Before the procedure, LASIK uses wavefront analysis (aberrometry) to precisely determine the cornea imaging errors (aberrations) to optimize the patient’s post-operative vision. The small flap in the cornea through which the procedure is performed used to be cut mechanically with microkeratomes, lasers can now make these cuts with greater precision.

New Laser products target and activate medications in the retina 

According to Dr. Dick, modern examinations based on high-resolution scans of the retina use optical coherence tomography to treat retinal disorders such as macular degeneration. They perform tens of thousands of scans per second and have a resolution of five micrometers. Lasers are also used in photodynamic therapy of age-related macular degeneration: A drug is introduced into the retina and then targeted and activated using laser light. 

Precisely guiding the Laser beam is critical. Birgit Bauer, Business Manager Health Care Sales at Physik Instrumente, explains: “In ophthalmology, guiding the laser beam continues to increase in importance.” In this case, single or multiple-axis systems featuring high-precision piezo tip/tilt mirrors are used to guide the beam. The piezo actuators have resolutions in the nanometer range, are extremely dynamic and have scanning frequencies up to several thousand Hertz. According to Bauer, the company’s new ceramic PILine ultrasound motors can control laser-beams with extremely high speeds and within very compact dimensions.

Coherent expert Dr. Matthias Schulze sums up: When it comes to LASIK and cataract operations, “ultra-short pulse lasers mean greater predictability and safety. In the case of cataract operations, they also result in improved vision following the operation.”


The LASER World of PHOTONICS trade fairs and their congresses are the most important marketplaces and think tanks for the worldwide laser and photonics industry and its users. They combine research and applications and promote the utilization and further development of optical technologies.

Messe München International has held LASER World of PHOTONICS every two years since 1973. The fair was the first event to focus on the sector for optical technologies in the world, and it celebrates its forty-year anniversary in May 2013.

The World of Photonics Congress, which is Europe’s largest photonics congress and is organized in cooperation with the world’s leading organizations in this field, is held at the same time as the fair. A spin-off event, LASER World of PHOTONICS China, is the leading regional trade show for optical technologies in China. It takes place in Shanghai every year in March. The new event LASER World of PHOTONICS INDIA takes place since 2012 and is a regional trade fair for optical technologies in India, now taking place in Mumbai every year.

With a total of 1,677 exhibitors and more than 64,000 visitors in Munich, Shanghai and Mumbai, Messe München International is the world’s leading trade show organizer for lasers and photonics.

The websites at feature information on the photonics trade shows, industry information, product innovations, and application reports and are a virtual platform for optical technologies.

About the conference program at the World of Photonics Congress

The world’s leading scientific organizations in the field of photonics will organize conferences under the umbrella of the World of Photonics Congress from May 12 – 16, 2013:

  • “CLEO/Europe-EQEC”, organized by the European Physical Society (EPS), sponsored by the EPS Quantum Electronics and Optics Division, OSA, IEEE/LEOS
  • “Optofluidics”, “Manufacturing of Optical Components” and “Advanced Optomechanical “Engineering, organized by the European Optical Society (EOS)
  • “LiM - Lasers in Manufacturing”, organized by the Scientific Laser Society (WLT); 
  • “ECBO - European Conference on Biomedical Optics“, organized by the Optical Society of America (OSA) and the International Society for Optics and Photonics (SPIE)
  • Optical Metrology, organized by SPIE Europe

The conference program is rounded out by application panels featuring practical lectures about laser and photonics applications organized by Messe München. Additional information:

About Messe München International

Messe München International is one of the world´s leading trade show companies. In Munich alone it organizes around 40 trade shows for capital and consumer goods, and key high tech industries. Each year more than 30,000 exhibitors and around two million visitors take part in the events held at Messe München exhibition center, the ICM – International Congress Center München, and in the MOC Veranstaltungscenter München. The leading international trade fairs of Messe München International are all FKM-certified, i.e. exhibitor and visitor numbers and the figures for exhibition space are collected in line with agreed standards and independently audited on behalf of the FKM (Gesellschaft zur Freiwilligen Kontrolle von Messe- und Ausstellungszahlen), a society for the voluntary monitoring of fair and exhibition statistics.

In addition, Messe München International organizes trade shows in Asia, Russia, the Middle East, South America and South Africa. With eleven affiliates abroad – in Europe and in Asia – and over 60 foreign representatives actively serving over 90 countries, Messe München International has a worldwide business network. The Group also takes a pioneering role as regards sustainability: It is the first trade-fair company to be awarded energy-efficiency certification from the technical inspection authorities TÜV SÜD. 

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