Laser Rotary Encoders For Highly Accurate Angle Sensing


Canon USA has developed laser rotary encoders that can provide 81,000 pulses with a 36-mm diameter by using the light-diffraction interference method in conjunction with a semiconductor laser acting as the light-emitting element.

K-1 Laser Rotary Encoder

Canon K-1  laser rotary encoders offers high performance (high resolution, accuracy, and precision) in a very compact 36mm diameter body. All models utilize semiconductor laser diode, high precision grating disk, and diffraction & interference position sensing methodology.

R-1SO, R-1SL Laser Rotary Encoder

The R-1SO laser rotary encoder is compact and lightweight, provides 81,000 pulses per revolution (without interpolator), has a maximum frequency response of 500 KHz, and an open collector output (R-1SO) or a balanced line driver output (R-1SL)

M-1S Laser Rotary Encoder

The M-1S laser rotary encoder is a heavy duty encoder, making it ideal for factory environments. It has a maximum frequency response of 2 MHz and a balanced line driver output circuit for long distance signal transmission.

KP-1Z Laser Rotary Encoder

The KP-1Z is a module type laser rotary encoder that provides 81 since wave per revolution. It features original Canon interference optics and low influence from disk eccentricity.

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