News | June 18, 2021

Laser Components Features Quality Powell Lenses For Line Lasers


Bedford, NH –Laser Components now has the capability to manufacture high quality Powell lenses in-house. Powell lenses generate lines by transforming narrow laser beams into straight lines with uniform intensity profile unlike standard cylindrical lenses that also create laser lines but with uneven Gaussian profiles. In other words, Powell lenses turn ordinary dot lasers into line lasers which are often used in a variety of applications such as Machine Vision, 3D printing, alignment and inspection where uniform, straight lines are critical.

Laser Components Powell lenses are available with substrate diameters of 6mm or 9mm. Different fan angles between 1° and 90°can be chosen to meet requirements depending on projected line length, preferred working distance and input beam diameter.
While our Powell lenses can be purchased as an individual item, these lenses are also used in our FLEXPOINT Machine Vision (MV) series. The MV series was developed specifically for vision applications where the quality of the projected laser line is crucial. “The ability to integrate the Powell lenses into the FLEXPOINT MV line gives us greater flexibility for our customers as well as provides more options within this product line, stated Huyen Vu, director of sales for Optics, Fiber Optics and Laser Modules, as Laser Components now has the capability to manufacture this key component at our facility in Olching, Germany.”