News | January 15, 2013

Laser Blox Revolutionizes High School And College Science Classroom Laser Learning


Laser Blox are a revolutionary classroom laser tool designed to make learning about light, lasers and optics simple and fun. Created for beginning students in both introductory high school and college settings, Laser Blox are available in three visible wavelengths: 532nm Green, 635nm Red and 405nm violet. The units also feature two power outputs <1mW and <5mW.

These devices are designed to be magnetically stacked to create a ray box for studying geometric optics. Laser Blox have a convenient on/off switch, a flat, stable design and a line generating lens that reduces student frustration by allowing for hands free operation.

“In designing this product,” Colette DeHarpporte, Laser Classroom Founder, states, “I worked very hard to incorporate design elements that would appeal to both teachers and students. Laser Blox represents a very unique science education solution that simplifies teaching, inspires student learning and helps to reinvigorate traditional science classroom settings. There is nothing else out there quite like Laser Blox. Virtually every introductory physics classroom in both high schools and colleges throughout the country should have this product on hand.”  

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SOURCE: Laser Blox