Laser Autofocus System: PureFocus850

Source: Prior Scientific Inc.

With the ability to be utilized in many applications including materials, life sciences, and semiconductor, the PureFocus850 Laser Autofocus System by Prior Scientific is fast and easy to set up and use. This system also features the ability to autofocus on different interfaces including slides, glass bottom dishes, flow chambers and many more.

Prior Scientific’s PureFocus850 combines advanced optics and intelligent in-built microprocessing to provide a real time focus system for infinity corrected optical systems. A motorized offset lens allows real-time adjustment of the imaging depth into the sample, continuously holding the precise distance between imaging focal point and a reference boundary of choice.

Additional Features Include:

• Stepper motor and analog servo and Piezo outputs all available from one controller
• 1 millisecond response time (typical)
• Simple dichroic adjustment for easy install
• Easily adapted to any infinity optical system
• 850 nanometer laser minimizes impact for fluorescence microscopy
• Software setup and control GUI provided
• Stores multiple objective parameters for single and multi-objective use

For additional product information, download the available datasheet.