News | June 13, 2011

Large Format Screen Printed Optics Now Available From Abrisa Technologies

Source: Abrisa Technologies
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Abrisa Technologies has recently upgraded their Santa Paula facility with new equipment which enables screen printing of glass substrates in sizes up to 56" x 86" or 1,422.4 mm x 2,184.4 mm. with a tolerance of up to ±0.030" or ±0.76 mm depending on part size and image. Minimum substrate thickness is approx. 0.039" or 1 mm with maximum substrate thickness of 0.75" or 19 mm.

Screen printing is available in multiple standard and custom colors, including metallics, opaques, and semitransparent inks, and range from low temperature epoxies to high temperature frits. Minimum print resolution can be as fine as 0.005" or 0.127 mm for printing logos, icons, lettering, borders, and more.

The large format screen printing is ideal for large touch panels and display screens, outdoor displays, and digital signage applications. In addition to large format screen printing, Abrisa Technologies can also screen print glass substrates in sizes as small as 3" x 2" or 76.2 mm x 50.8 mm, with a tolerance of ±0.006" or ±0.15 mm. Minimum thickness for the smaller screen printing of 16" x 16" or 460 mm x 460 mm is 0.030" or 0.76 mm and maximum substrate thickness is 0.5" or 12.7 mm.

Abrisa Technologies' screen printed optics can be combined with additional processes such as chemical strengthening, custom glass fabrication (cutting, edging, drilling, etc.) and the application of optical thin film coatings (AR, UV, ITO, IMITO, hydrophilic, hydrophobic, and oleophobic) to provide a integrated package solution for display enhancement or other high quality, high precision optics application.

About Abrisa Technologies: Abrisa Technologies is headquartered in Santa Paula, California and is comprised of three divisions that provide precision optical products and services. The divisions include; Abrisa Industrial Glass, Inc., Sycamore Glass Components, and ZC&R Coatings for Optics. As a market leader in optical coatings and high quality precision glass fabrication, Abrisa Technologies is dedicated to providing premier customer service and cost-effective products that fit each customer's exacting requirements.

SOURCE: Abrisa Technologies