Large Area Laser Protection Products


Laser Components' large-area laser protection safety products include active and passive laser safety curtains, laser safety barriers, covers for windows, and optical tables. These devices separate laser workstations from their surroundings and thus ensure the necessary occupational safety.

Items in this line of safety products include:

1. Active/Passive Laser Safety Textiles
Active curtains are used for shielding laser workstations using very high power. Passive laser protection curtains are used for the large-area shielding of applications with low and medium laser powers. They are available in different sizes and offer protection for all standard wavelengths.

Active/Passive Laser Safety Textile Products:

2. Modular Laser Safety Booths and Sensors
The LaserQube laser safety booth protects the surrounding environment from laser radiation. The sensor opens the safety circuit in the event of destruction by the laser beam before laser radiation can be transmitted.

Active/Passive Modular Laser Safety Booth Products:

3. Mobile Laser Safety Barriers
Mobile laser safety barriers are mounted on wheels so that they can be used effortlessly in different locations. If the wheels are locked, they guarantee a safe position. Flexibility and stability are therefore not a contradiction in terms when it comes to movable barriers.

Mobile Laser Safety Barrier Products:

For more information on each of these products, download the available datasheets or click each linked item.

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