JenLas® disk IR50: DPSS Nanosecond Lasers

Source: RPMC Lasers

JenLas® disk IR50: DPSS Nanosecond Lasers
RPMC Lasers, Inc. offers a wide range of solid state nanosecond lasers that are suitable for a variety of applications including scientific, industrial, medical and military. The JenLas® disk IR50 is the 45 W-version of Jenoptik's new disk-laser-generation for precision material processing. This laser features excellent beam quality in the infrared spectral range and is suitable for industrial applications in micro material processing, such as micro-dicing, micro-drilling and micro-structuring. A special application field is in solar cell processing.

The unique feature of Jenoptik's JenLas® disk IR50 is the decoupling of pulse length and pulse repetition rate, thus optimally adapting the required laser parameters to a given application.

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Datasheet: JenLas® disk IR50: IR Disk Laser, Tunable Pulse Length

  • Laser parameter adjustable
  • Disk laser design
  • Passively-cooled diodes
  • High pulse repetition rate
  • Fast AOM power control

Benefits Optimized application

  • Superior beam quality over power range
  • Long Life Performance
  • Fast processing
  • Flexible application
  • Solar cell processing
    • MWT (Metal Wrap Through)
    • EWT (Emitter Wrap Through)
    • LFC (Laser Fired Contacts)
  • Wafer dicing / scribing
  • Micro-cutting (e.g. Stents Cutting)
  • Micro-drilling
  • Micro-structuring
  • Engraving

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Overview JenLas® disk IR50 and JenLas® disk IR70 – Power Scaled Version