Jaz Adjustable Laser Pointer

Source: Ocean Optics, Inc.

Jaz Adjustable Laser Pointer

This adjustable laser pointer is an ideal tool for accurate spot measurements where precise focus within large areas of light emission are necessary. This can be flat panel displays, media walls, large-area projection screens, etc. The Jaz-ALP is added directly to the Jaz stack, just below the spectrometer module, and can be used to help position the Jaz stack to targeted spots for irradiance measurements. The Jaz adjustable laser pointer features the ability to adjust for distances from 2-14 m, and operates off of 3 AAA batteries, meaning that no additional power is required.

The Jaz Adjustable Laser Pointer works in tandem with a Gershun Tube Kit for adjusting field of view of light entering the spectrometer. This laser pointer can be retrofitted to most existing Jaz spectrometer setups.

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