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JAI Introduces New Leading-Edge Industrial CMOS And CCD Cameras


Vision 2012: JAI introduced a new line of leading-edge industrial CMOS and CCD cameras. Over 50 different models in initial offering.

At Vision 2012 in Stuttgart, the JAI Group introduced a new line of leading edge industrial CMOS cameras, as well as the first model in a new series of high fidelity CCD cameras.

The new cameras were introduced under the headline “HIGHER, FASTER, STRONGER, SHARPER”, emphasizing both the high-end performance of these products, as well as JAI’s sharper focus on meeting the needs of key markets and applications.

Leading the way is JAI’s new line of performance-driven cameras targeted at applications where the combination of resolution and frame rates is pushing data rates to new levels.

The first three of these new CMOS cameras include a 20-megapixel model offering 30 frames per second, a 5-megapixel model running at 209 fps (with a maximum frame rate of 250 fps), and a 2-megapixel camera capable of running at up to 340 fps at full resolution.

The new high performance series will allow users for the first time to reap the high-speed benefits of CMOS, at frame rates not possible in CCD technology, while still providing remarkable high-end image quality.

To handle the high data rates, the new cameras will offer users a choice of next generation digital interfaces including GigE Vision with Link Aggregation, Power over GigE, Camera Link full/medium/base, USB 3.0, and CoaXPress x1/x2/x4 output, configured to meet different user preferences and application requirements.

In total, more than 50 different models will be part of the initial offering introduced by JAI at Vision 2012.

We would like to take take the opportunity to thank all our customers and also new contacts who stop by JAI’s and TVI Vision's *) stand during the 3 days in Stuttgart.

*) TVI Vision became part of the JAI Group in April 2012.

The new leading-edge cameras from JAI and TVI Vision:


Spark series:
- Area scan cameras for maximum performance.






A high resolution/high speed CMOS camera with 20 megapixels, 30 frames/s and a full 12-bit Camera Link interface. Will be available in monochrome and color.






A high speed CMOS camera with 5 megapixels and 209 frames/s using a CoaXPress x2 interface or 250 frames/s using an x4 interface. Will be available in monochrome and color.






A high speed CMOS camera with 4 megapixels and 180 fps.  Will become available with Camera Link, CoaXPress x2, GigE Vision LAG, USB 3.0 and PoE interface. Monochrome and color.






A high speed CMOS camera with 2 megapixels and up to 340 frames/s over Camera Link. Will be available in monochrome and color.


Elite series:
- Area scan cameras with lowest noise and highest sensitivity.






A high sensitivity CCD camera with 2,8 megapixels and 50 frames/s using GigE LAG interface. Will also be available in monochrome and color and with USB 3.0 interface and Mini Camera Link interface.


Sweep+ series:
– 3CMOS and 4CMOS prism-based color line scan cameras (TVI Vision).






3CMOS x 2048 pixels color line scan camera with large pixels and a beam splitter for common optical axis scanning with three sensors. Line rate up to 80 kHz for each color channel. Camera Link interface.






4CMOS x 2048 pixels color (RGB + NIR) line scan camera with large pixels and a beam splitter for common optical axis scanning with four sensors. Camera Link interface.

The new cameras from JAI and TVI Vision will provide you with:


  • Faster CMOS sensor technology.
  • Faster interfaces for faster data rate transfer.
  • Faster adaptations to technology developments.


  • Higher resolutions for better spatial resolution.
  • Higher frame rates for efficient inspection speeds.


  • Stronger heat dissipation capability for better image quality.
  • Stronger construction and ruggedly built electronics for longer life.


  • Sharper image quality via state-of-the-art “8T-CMOS” architecture.
  • Sharper alignment of sensors.
  • Sharper focus on your needs.

...So aim for something FASTER, HIGHER, STRONGER AND SHARPER !

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