Intelligent Multiple Head Camera Platform: VCSBC quadro

Source: Vision Components GmbH

The VCSBC is a multiple head board-level camera based off of the VC360 Intelligent Camera configuration. VCSBC quadro can be equipped with one, two, or four sensor heads and is an ideal economic platform for several multi-sensor imaging solutions.

The VCSBC quadro Intelligent Multiple Head Camera Platform can provide high resolution imaging along the x or y axis since it allows for up to four sensor heads to be installed in a row. The result is the synchronization of overlapping parts of pictures taken by the side-by-side sensors. Individual pictures with 752 x 480 pixel resolution are compiled into one complete 3.008 x 480 pixel image.

This multi-head camera platform includes 32 MB Flash and 128 MB DDRAM for program and image storage. The integrated processor has a computing power of 5.600 MIPS. An Ethernet interface and an optional RS232 interface enable integration into automation environments. Contact Vision Components for more information.