Intelligent Camera for Security Applications: VC360

Source: Vision Components GmbH

The VC360 Intelligent Camera is equipped with four sensor heads, providing 360° perimeter monitoring for security applications. This set up provides an advantage over traditional fisheye lens security cameras. As those cameras are typically mounted on a ceiling, they cover an angle of less than 180°. This means that objects outside of the aperture angle cannot be detected. The VC360 has been designed to be installed at floor-to-eye height with each sensor monitoring a 90° angle, making it much more suitable for handling panoramic security imaging applications.

Each sensor head in the VC360 intelligent camera configuration provide 752 x 480 pixel (wide VGA) resolution. This camera system assembles a 360° panorama picture with a 1.5 megapixel resolution from the images it captures, and independently corrects the lens distortion. Thereby, the blind spot is eliminated and the complete vertical visual field is covered.

The VC360 intelligent camera can be easily controlled via web browsers, allowing users e.g. to trigger zoom and pan functions. It is suited for distances between 0.5 m and infinity and allows for live streaming. An Ethernet interface enables network integration.

This imaging system is available in module or block form only, housing is not included. It's designed for OEMs and system integrators.