IntelliGain® Broadband ASE Light Sources

Source: BaySpec Inc.
IntelliGain® Broadband ASE Light Sources

BaySpec offers a series of broadband ASE Light Sources based on amplified spontaneous emission in erbium-doped fibers. These light sources provide superior optical output to conventional LED sources over the 1525 – 1605 nm spectral range, and are developed using BaySpec’s EDFA technology.

These IntelliGain® ASE Light Sources are available with several different power levels and multi-output options. Other features include high spectral stability, non-polarized light output, low power consumption, and a compact size. IntelliGain® Light Sources are used in a wide range of applications including optical component spectral tests, DWDM system and component tests, optical measurement systems, and optical sensing.

For more spectral parameters and product features, download the datasheet.

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