InSb SWIR Camera with High Sensitivity: IRC906HS

Source: IRCameras

InSb SWIR Camera with High Sensitivity: IRC906HS

The IRC906HS InSb SWIR camera is well suited for spectroscopy, infrared searching and tracking, laser detection/characterization, target signature, and astronomy applications. It provides 640x512 pixel resolution, a frame rate of up to 475 Hz, and the unmatched sensitivity that an InSb detector provides.

This SWIR camera is based on digital focalplane technology and features low noise, no pixel crosstalk or blooming, simultaneous 14-bit CameraLink and Gigabit Ethernet digital outputs (as well as analog HDMI), and more. It has a 20 micron pixel pitch, a 7M well capacity, greater than 99.8% operability, and an operating temperature range of -40oC to +55oC. An optional proprietary antireflective focalplane coating is available to extend the low end spectral response to 400 nm.

For more information on the IRC906HS InSb SWIR camera’s detector, imaging electronics, performance, optics, and general specifications, download the datasheet. You can also contact IRCameras directly to discuss your imaging application.