InGaAs SWIR Camera: Anacapa 640-25

Source: Teledyne Nova Sensors

InGaAs SWIR Camera: Anacapa 640B

The Anacapa SWIR 640-25 utilizes an InGaAs detector in a TEC package with a FLIR 0002 ROIC allowing for high speed windowing with .9 to 1.7μm spectral response. The unit without the lens weighs 167 grams and does all NUC, BPR, AGC, edge enhancement, auto detect and track inside the camera. The unit was designed optimizing SWaP C for hand held and gimbal applications.

Applications include low-light-level imaging for man-portable and unmanned vehicle payloads, low-power security and surveillance products, spectroscopy, factory-automated inspection, and more. Our engineers can configure the camera as a core, into a gimbal or to custom specifications.