1.7 µm InGaAs/InP Epitaxial Wafers for 1D: 2D Sensors

Source: Marktech Optoelectronics

To comply with increasing demands for higher transmission rates and longer wavelength components, Marktech is now producing high reliability wafers on 4" substrates utilizing sophisticated manufacturing processes in Epitaxial InP thin film growth. GaAs and SiGe based components are known to have limitations in speed. InP platform based devices are capable of exceeding these transmission rate limitations, including the operating margin.

  • Cell Active Area: 40µm x 40µm
  • Pitch: 50µm
  • 1D array: 2 x 64 (390µm x 3531µm); 2 x 128 (390µm x 6960µm)
  • 2D array: 64 x 64 (3660µm x 3531µm); 128 x 128 (6860µm x 6960µm)
  • Sensitivity Range: 800nm - 1750nm
  • Peak Sensitivity: 1300nm
  • Wafer Size 4"

For more information on their 1.7 µm InGaAs PD Arrays for 1D and 2D Sensors, contact Marktech Optoelectronics.