Datasheet | August 15, 2011

Datasheet: Infrared Cameras For Science & Research: FLIR SC7000 MWIR Series

Source: FLIR Systems, Inc - Research & Science

FLIR SC7000 Features

Accurate Temperature Measurement with FLIR Hypercal™– Ensures the best measurement range with the highest sensitivity. Simply set the desired lower and upper temperature limits and the camera will automatically adjust to the appropriate integration (exposure) time.

Temperature Range Extension – “Superframing” allows the sequential acquisition of thermal data from up to four user-defined temperature ranges, and then merges those streams into a single real-time video that spans all four temperature ranges, effectively extending dynamic range from 14-bit to 16-bit.

CNUC Calibration – CNUC is a proprietary calibration process that provides beautiful imagery and measurement stability. CNUC allows flexible integration time adjustments without the need to perform nonuniformity corrections. CNUC calibration also produces accurate measurement stability regardless of camera exposure to environment variations.

Motorized Filter Wheel – Field-replaceable 4-position filter wheel for neutral density and spectral filtering applications.

Plug & Play Interfaces – Gigabit Ethernet or Camera Link™ transmit commands and full dynamic digital video.

Built-in IRIG-B Timing Option – Provides on-board deterministic time-stamping of each frame of data.

Advanced Triggering Capabilities – Smart external triggering with ultra-low jitter allows synchronization of the image integration to the most fleeting of events.

Optic Options – From long range telephoto lenses to close-up microscope objectives, the SC7000 has multiple optics available for various field of view and spot size requirements.

Multi-Spectral Option – Includes a high speed 8-position filter wheel with rotation synchronized by the FPA clock, capable of capturing up to 400 frames per second, with each frame linked to a specific filter for true high speed multispectral imaging.

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