Infrared Camera Software: Xeneth 2.6

Source: Xenics

Infrared Camera Software: Xeneth 2.5

Xenics’ Xeneth 2.6 is the latest version of their software for use in conjunction with their line of infrared cameras independent of wavelength, interface, resolution and pixel size. There are several versions to choose from (Xeneth , Xeneth SDK, and LabVIEW SDK) with variations in capabilities. At its most basic version, it already provides live image viewing, the ability to save images, and the ability to manage camera settings.

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This user-friendly software has been designed to easily control all Xenics IR camera settings, to have fast data analysis, and to boost overall image quality through auto gain and auto level functionality, as well as histogram equalization. Xeneth 2.6 allows users to export recorded images to common image formats which can be viewed and analyzed in 3rd party software. Another new feature is the extended calibration wizard which lets you easily optimize image correction calibration data when for instance new lenses are used.

For additional information on the Xenth 2.6 infrared camera software’s capabilities - specifically which variations are capable of particular functions, download the datasheet.

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