Industrial Grade Mid-IR Laser Source: Cobolt Odin™

Source: Cobolt AB

Industrial Grade Mid-IR Laser Source: Cobolt Odin™

This compact and tunable mid-IR laser is well suited for applications involving the industrial and scientific markets. They’re ideal for analytical instrumentation used in environmental monitoring, for the control and limitation of pollution emissions, and for other applications involving molecular spectroscopy.

The Odin™ series of mid-IR lasers are tunable up to 50nm, have an 80mW average output power, have less than a 5ns pulse width, and a 10 kHz repetition rate. They’re based on a fully contained temperature tunable Optical Parametric Oscillator (OPO) with an integrated pump laser. Efficient and spectrally flexible mid-IR emission is generated through integrated periodically poled nonlinear optical (QPM) crystals.

Each laser head in this series is housed in a compact (125mm x 70mm x 45mm) and hermetically sealed package. For additional information on specifications, download the datasheet. For information on how these lasers can be used in gas sensing applications, download the application note.