Brochure | January 6, 2017

Industrial Brochure

Source: First Sensor AG
Industrial Brochure

First Sensor’s industrial capabilities offer a wide variety of high-quality sensor solutions that are easily adaptable to specific requirements and applications. In the many parameters of industrial applications, sensors will often form the core element in products and solutions. Great care is taken in the development of these sensors in order to have the most positive influence on the quality, economic efficiency, and safety of the application. First Sensor also offers specialized technical expertise and comprehensive consultancy services for their customized products.

Applications for First Sensor industrial technology:

  • Sensor Solutions for Industry
  • Length Measurement
  • Radiation and Security
  • Building Automation and Air-Conditioning Technology
  • Industrial Process Control
  • Aerospace
  • Other Tailored Technology

For more about the specific industrial applications for these sensors, and for an overview of the products that First Sensor offers in their industrial business unit, download the brochure.