Image Sensors for Dental X-Ray Systems

Source: Hamamatsu Corporation

Image Sensors for Dental X-Ray Systems

As dentists have moved away from obtaining x-ray images with film and have adopted digital imaging systems, the demand for CCD and CMOS image sensors for integration into dental x-ray systems has increased.

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These sensors offer several advantages over film, including lower patient x-ray exposure (1/5th to 1/10th less), adjustable contrast, and adjustable image sizing. Since no actual film is used, no photograph development is needed. The images captured are displayed almost immediately.

Hamamatsu offers high resolution CCD and CMOS image sensors for use with three main types of dental x-ray systems. These include intraoral systems for individual teeth examination, panoramic systems for examining the full mouth, and cephalo systems for examination of the entire head. For additional information on the image sensors Hamamatsu offers for use in dental x-ray systems, download the selection guide. You can also contact Hamamatsu directly for more information.