Brochure | June 25, 2009

Flyer: iKon-L USB X Ray Camera

Source: Andor Technology PLC
Andor's CCD X Ray iKon-L [DO] camera is designed to offer high-performance solutions to your direct detection X Ray needs. Interfacing easily with vacuum chambers, the systems offer very low read noise floor, high QE across the X Ray, XUV and EUV range, and boast negligible dark current with thermoelectric cooling to as low as -100ºC. The 2048 x 2048 array with 13.5 µm square pixels provides both high resolution and high dynamic range. The CCD X Ray iKon-L 936 [DO] combines kHz readout for lowest noise floor and multi-MHz readout for faster frame rates, all through a convenient USB 2.0 interface.