Datasheet | January 31, 2013

HyperFlux U1 UV/VIS/NIR Factory-Configurable Spectrometer

Source: Tornado Spectral Systems
HyperFlux U1 UV/VIS/NIR Factory-Adjustable Spectrometer

The Hyperflux U1 is an HTVS-enabled spectrometer for UV, VIS, and NIR bands with spectral resolutions between 0.2 and 0.5 nm. This spectrometer has the ability to detect weak signals like low-power illumination and fluorescence-free anti-Stokes. This datasheet includes a detailed description of the spectrometer, as well as information on its features and specifications. To find out how the HyperFlux U1 HTVS-enabled spectrometer can help with you applications involving raman spectroscopy/high performance spectroscopy, download the datasheet.

Uploaded: March 2013