News | June 12, 2013

HL63153AT Red Laser Diode

Oclaro Inc.

Oclaro Inc. has introduced the HL63153AT, a high-power red laser diode that delivers 150-mW, single-transverse-mode optical output power at a 638-nm wavelength for display applications. 

It offers a brighter image display than previous versions, enabling high-lumen picoprojector or miniature displays for personal computers and other mobile devices such as smartphones and digital cameras. 

The device delivers 25% more power than its predecessor, and the company says that it offers the highest single-transverse-mode optical output power on the market. To achieve this, an optimized waveguide was incorporated, and the structural parameters were fine-tuned. 

The laser diode consumes 0.6 W at 150 mW and comes in a 3.8-mm-diameter TO industry-standard package for compact integration.

SOURCE: Oclaro Inc.