High Transmission colorPol® S Patterned Polarizers

High Transmission colorPol® S Patterned Polarizers

Polarizers are used in a wide range of optical devices to filter or block polarized light for modulating or reducing brightness, analyzing light, polarizing light, and more. The colorPol® S is a nano-particle optical glass sheet polarizer designed with a unique capability to produce patterned polarizers with different spectral characteristics and different directions of polarization. They are capable of achieving high contrast and high transmission for the UV, VIS, NIR, and mid-IR ranges with a wide acceptance angle of ±20°.

The special properties of the colorPol® polarizers also enable the production of polarizers with neighboring patterns of a different polarization orientation and/or maximum polarization wavelength. Each area dimension may be scaled down to the 10 micron range with many types of circles, rectangles, strokes, or lines. The maximum substrate dimension is currently 30 x 30 mm2.

Download the colorPol® brochure for more features, specifications, and performance levels for these polarizers.

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