High Speed, Scientific CMOS Camera: Rolera Bolt

Source: QImaging
High Speed, Scientific CMOS Camera: Rolera Bolt
The Rolera Bolt, QImaging's new Scientific CMOS camera, was designed for demanding high-speed, low-light imaging. As a cost-effective solution, it was designed to meet the imaging requirements for a diverse set of applications ranging from live cell fluorescence to whole organism motility studies. Capable of streaming at 30 full frames per second with 1.3 mega-pixel resolution and 3e- read noise, the Rolera Bolt is perfect for tracking high-speed dynamic events with detailed spatial and temporal resolution.

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The Rolera Bolt Scientific CMOS Camera features Pixel-Freeze Technology™ to reduce dark current to nearly undetectable levels through careful electronic.

High Speed, Scientific CMOS Camera: Rolera Bolt Applications

  • Live Cell Imaging
  • Fluorescent Protein Imaging
  • Brightfield, Phase-Contrast, & Darkfield Microscopy
  • Pathology, Histology, & Cytology
  • FISH
  • Ca Ratio Analysis
  • Whole Organism Motility & Motion Analysis
  • Metallurgical Microscopy
  • Semiconductor Inspection
  • Manufacturing Quality Control
  • Failure Analysis

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