High Speed Low Light Imaging CCD Camera: SPOT Pursuit USB

Source: SPOT Imaging Solutions, a division of Diagnostic Instruments
High Speed Low Light Imaging CCD Camera: SPOT Pursuit USB

These high speed, low light imaging CCD cameras come in monochrome, color mosaic, and slider configurations. Each model features high sensitivity and fast frame rates, which helps greatly in preserving live cells and fading specimens for imaging and fluorescence applications.

The SPOT PursuitTM series of high speed/low light imaging CCD cameras utilize a USB 2.0 interface and feature low read noise, up to 8x8 binning, 1392 x 1040 resolution, high sensitivity (particularly in the near IR region), 11 FPS at full resolution @ 14 bits, and compatibility with both Windows and Mac computers. Each camera in the series also comes with SPOT Basic Software.

These high speed CCD cameras have been specifically designed for use in live cell imaging, fluorescence protein imaging, ion ratio experiments, and particle tracking. However, they can also be an ideal imaging solution for applications involving brightfield microscopy, fixed cell fluorescence, and phase contrast/DIC.

For more information on the monochrome, color mosaic, and slider CCD camera models, download the individual datasheets. You can also contact SPOT Imaging Solutions directly to discuss your application or request more information.