High-Speed Hexapod Motion Platform For Smartphone Camera Optimization: H-860

Source: PI (Physik Instrumente) LP

High-Speed Hexapod Motion Platform For Smartphone Camera Optimization

PI introduces the new H-860 high-speed hexapod system designed to accurately simulate motion with six degrees of freedom. The platform features high accuracy and bandwidth that optimizes motion and image stabilization algorithms, such as in drones and cameras, for pinpoint accurate images. Ideal applications include vibration simulation, precision positioning, lens alignment in camera manufacturing, photonic fiber alignment, and image stabilization.

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The H-680 6-axis hexapod motion system has a freely definable trajectory and pivot point for increased versatility. This shaker hexapod provides acceleration of 4g and velocity to 250 mm/sec– all while operating quietly. X, Y, Z  travel range 15mm with incremental motion of 1µm, and up to 8° in pitch, yaw and roll (θX, θY, θZ) with 9 µrad incremental motion. The carbon fiber components are extremely stiff and light-weighted which reduces the inertia and results in a high Eigenfrequency of 200 Hz.

For additional features, specifications, and product benefits, download the datasheet.

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