High Speed FBGA Interrogation Analyzer: WaveCapture® FBGA Series

Source: BaySpec Inc.
High Speed FBGA Analyzer: WaveCapture® FBGA Series

The WaveCapture® FBGA Interrogation analyzer from BaySpec is an integrated spectral engine simultaneously covering multiple wavelengths for precise Rapid Fiber Bragg Grating (FBG) sensor system measurements at fast response rates and outstanding wavelength resolution. Features include a rugged mechanical design with no moving parts for high reliability, USB 2.0 communications for high speed input/output, and an ultra-fast response time up to 5 kHz.

The WaveCapture® analyzer utilizes a Volume Phase Grating (VPG®) as its spectral dispersion element, and an ultra-sensitive InGaAs array detector as the detection element. Its compact, card-mountable, and athermal design enables portable, battery-operated operation in harsh environments. The WaveCapture® FBGA series can also be used with many other fiber optic devices such as mini-wide light sources, ASE light sources, and fiber-optic bundles and accessories.

For more features, specifications, and diagrams, download the datasheet.