High Speed, Digital SWIR Camera: Owl 320 HS


The Owl 320 HS from Raptor Photonics offers the fastest frame rates available in the Owl camera line-up (up to 349 Hz in full frame resolution), perfect for high speed VIS-SWIR applications within the 0.4 µm – 1.7 µm range. With Region of Interest (ROI) control, faster frame rates in the kHz region are achievable by setting smaller ROIs.

Featuring a high sensitivity InGaAs sensor, the camera offers a full frame pixel resolution of 320 x 256, with a pixel pitch of 30 µm x 30 µm. It is ideally designed for astronomy, beam profiling, hyperspectral imaging, semiconductor inspection, solar cell inspection, and thermography applications.

For more in-depth features, specifications, and operating parameters, download the available datasheet.