High Speed CMOS Cameras: pco.dimax Series

High Speed CMOS Camera: pco.dimax HS

PCO’s high speed CMOS camera series delivers extremely fast frame rates, high resolution, and a variety of operational and trigger modes. They are well suited for applications involving airbag inflation, combustion research, ballistics testing, and other high speed camera applications.

This high speed CMOS cameras feature frame rates of 2128 fps to over 7000 fps, and pixel resolutions ranging from 1000 x 1000 up to 2016 x 2016. These frame rates can also be adjusted while the camera is recording because this camera offers an internal, fully-automatic referencing feature. Additionally, on-chip information is utilized so that the camera can perform an operation free from session referencing, which does not require an additional mechanical shutter for dark referencing.

The pco.dimax high speed cameras can also record high quality images in low light sceneries. This is achieved through the customized CMOS image sensor and proprietary algorithms combining to achieve very low dark signal non-uniformity.

In addition to the previously referenced applications, the pco.dimax High Speed CMOS Cameras are ideal for:

  • material testing
  • high speed particle image velocimetry (PIV)
  • tensile testing
  • short time physics
  • hydrodynamics
  • spray analysis
  • deformation
  • machine vision
  • industrial quality control
  • hypervelocity impact studies
  • fuel injection
  • abrasive material research
  • sparks in electrical switches
  • research in ignition
  • high speed photogrammetry

The cameras have a variety of trigger options to cover all off-board applications that have been required by the automotive industry. To learn more about the each type of camera and their specifications, download the datasheets.

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