News | November 10, 2011

High-Speed Camera For University Research


The Specialised Imaging Multi-Channel Framing Camera (SIM) has established itself as the ultra high-speed camera of choice for many leading university research groups around the world through its proven unmatched performance, reliability, ease-of-use and wide applications flexibility.

Using high-resolution image intensifiers, no-compromise optical design, and double pulsing - SIM Cameras offer the ultimate in ultra-high-speed imaging performance to scientists and engineers. The high throughput SIM camera optical design offers up to 16 separate channels without compromising resolution, shading, or parallax. The additional advantage of an innovative auxiliary view port, allowing other optical instruments makes the SIM the most versatile imaging system on the market.

The intuitive design of the SIM camera allows even occasional users to achieve top quality results. Comprehensive triggering facilities, highly accurate timing control, and a wide range of output signals, coupled with a software package that includes full measurement and image enhancement functions simplifies image capture. Full remote operation using Ethernet connectivity comes as standard enabling the SIM to be easily integrated into almost any environment.

Wai Chan, Managing Director of Specialised Imaging Ltd commented "Our SIM range of cameras are perfectly suited for academic research in fields as diverse as automotive testing, biomedical research, combustion research, failure dynamics, impact studies, nanotechnology and material science". He added "Beyond pure operational capabilities - university researchers enjoy direct free access to Specialised Imaging's unrivalled application support team in Europe, North America and Asia providing them with informed advice to help them get the best results from their experiments".

About Specialised Imaging
Specialised Imaging is a knowledgeable, dynamic company focused upon design, manufacture, service and supply of ultra high-speed imaging systems and components for industrial, defence and scientific applications. The company's continuing policy is to invest in the development of innovative imaging solutions, incorporate the latest technological advances and use improved components wherever possible. A total commitment to quality and a thorough understanding of applications are held as the keys to the future. For more information, visit

SOURCE: Specialised Imaging Ltd.