Datasheet | December 21, 2009

Datasheet: >100 W CW from 1300nm to 1600nm: Brightlase® Ultra-500™

Source: Laser Operations LLC / QPC Lasers

QPC Lasers, Inc. introduces Ultra-500™ with up to 425 Watts "cladding-free" output power. Standard wavelengths include 792, 808, 888, 976, 1470 and 1532 nm with fiber core sizes from 200µm to 800µm. Custom wavelengths are available upon request. These modules feature industry leading brightness, optional on-chip BrightLock™ wavelength stabilization for higher spectral brightness, and are designed for direct diode application as well as fiber and solid-state laser pumping.


  • 792, 808, 888, 976, 1470 nm
  • Custom wavelengths available
  • Conduction cooled on a water cooled plate
  • Distilled water not required
  • Detachable fiber available
  • Cladding free power
  • Dichroic filter protection available


  • Laser pumping: Fiber lasers, Solid state lasers
  • Materials processing: Marking, Soldering, Welding, Engraving
  • Medical: Dental, Ophthalmology, Therapeutic, Surgical
  • Defense: Target illumination, High energy laser pumping


  • High performance from solid state lasers and fiber lasers
  • Long working distance and sharper features for materials processing applications