High Resolution Uncooled Thermal Camera: Gobi-640-CL

Source: Xenics

High Resolution Uncooled Thermal Camera: Gobi-640-CL

This high-resolution, uncooled thermal camera features 640 x 480 pixel resolution and is ideal for applications involving accurate temperature measurement, NDT: lock-in thermography, real-time process control and monitoring, quality control/assurance, and semiconductor inspection.

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The Gobi-640-CL High Resolution Uncooled Thermal Camera features high sensitivity and image resolution. It’s easy to export with 50 Hz full resolution frame rates, and is compliant with National Instruments and Euresys framegrabbers. The camera itself can be stand-alone or PC-controlled. 8 to 14 µm sensitivity and 640 x 480 on 17µm pixel pitch result in uniform and crisp thermal images. Additional information on features and specifications can be found on the available datasheet.

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