News | February 17, 2016

High-Resolution Schneider-Kreuznach Xenon-Topaz Lenses For 1.1" Sensors

High-Resolution Schneider-Kreuznach Xenon-Topaz Lenses For 1.1” Sensors

Schneider-Kreuznach announces the availability of new Xenon-Topaz lenses. These low-weight compact lenses are fitted with a C-mount and are suitable for modern 1.1” CCD and CMOS sensors with 12 megapixels and a pixel size of up to 3.0 μm. The image circle has a 17.6 mm diameter.

Offering optimized imaging performance for distances from 1 m to infinity, Xenon-Topaz lenses ideal for applications in the areas of traffic monitoring, surveillance systems, as well as robot and machine vision. Thanks to robust mechanics, the iris and focus are not sensitive to vibrations, which enables a high and even imaging performance across the entire sensor, even in unfavorable conditions.

Xenon-Topaz lenses are available in F2.0/30mm, F2.0/38mm and F2.0/50mm versions. For more information contact Jim Sullivan at or 818-255-9352.


Industrial Optics business area:
Jos. Schneider Optische Werke GmbH designs, manufactures and markets optical and precision components and assemblies for machine vision and other image processing applications. Our high-quality optical solutions for image processing help system integrators and machine manufacturers improve their image processing systems.

About the Schneider Group:
The Schneider Group specializes in developing and producing high-performance lenses for photography and film, cinema projection lenses, as well as industrial optics, filter systems and precision mechanics. The group comprises Jos. Schneider Optische Werke, founded in Bad Kreuznach in 1913, and its subsidiaries Pentacon (Dresden), Schneider Optics (New York, Los Angeles), Schneider Asia Pacific (Hong Kong) and Schneider Optical Technologies (Shenzhen). The company’s main brand is “Schneider -Kreuznach”. For years now the group has been a world market leader in the area of high-performance lenses.

Source: Schneider Optics