News | August 28, 2009

High Quality Fiber Bundle Temp Spec Benefits Instrumentation

Source: CeramOptec Industries Inc.

CeramOptec's increased the temperature spec to its drop-in replacement silica fiber bundles and assemblies making them ideal for a variety of spectrometer systems. Because CeramOptec controls the fiber production manufacturing process every step of the way, the company is able to offer competitively priced fiber bundles with excellent high quality.

Light-limited applications are no problem and get more light to the sensor with these High-NA products. And appliations with unusually high or low temperatures now have fibers that can work at temperatures from as high as 600°C down to -190°C. Whether your system works in the UV, visible, or IR, CeramOptec has the products designed to move your light.

CeramOptec uses a patented PCVD process to create high-grade specialty fibers with a wide range of profiles and dopants, numerical apertures from 0.06 to 0.66, and high radiation resistance levels. Fibers are drawn in-house before being assembled into fiber optic bundles and assemblies. This ensures customers the finest transmission, highest temperature capability, and widest range of numerical apertures.

Most spectrometer systems accept the CeramOptec drop-in replacement bundles. Also, for challenging applications that require custom solutions, CeramOptec's control over the process from perform to finished assembly allows flexibility of design providing the best solution for your challenge

Fiber bundles and spectroscopic accessories are available off-the-shelf for immediate delivery.

About CeramOptec GmbH
CeramOptec is a world leader in the production of specialty optical fiber and fiber optic-based products for industrial, scientific, medical, and dental applications. CeramOptec manufactures high quality specialty optical fiber, bundles, and spectroscopic accessories with unmatched delivery times.

CeramOptec produces stock and custom silica /silica, plastic-clad silica, and hard polymer-clad silica optical fibers; fused capillary tubing; DPSS lasers; diode modules; and low loss bundles and assemblies for UV, VIS, and IR transmission, medical laser delivery, sensors, plasma fusion, and spectroscopy.

SOURCE: CeramOptec Industries Inc.