News | August 8, 2016

High Power Violet Lasers Improve Cytometry And Confocal Microscopy Applications


A new, high power, ultra-compact, violet laser from Coherent, Inc. will provide improved performance for numerous short wavelength applications, including examples in life sciences, where it will enable brighter confocal imaging and faster flow cytometry throughput rates. The OBIS 405 LX provides over 250 mW of power at 405 nm, making it the highest power laser yet offered in this extremely small (70 x 40 x 38 mm, or 2.75 x 1.57 x 1.5 in.) self-contained platform. This plug-and-play, smart laser simplifies integration by offering direct analog and digital modulation capabilities (at up to 150 MHz). Similar to other OBIS LX/LS lasers, this new violet laser is ideal for OEM instrumentation, as well as for end users when partnered with an optional, CDRH compliant (key-activated) remote. Thanks to conservative design headroom, this new laser can be operated at up to 110% of maximum rated power.

OBIS lasers pioneered the plug-and-play concept, in which the laser cavity and all control electronics are contained in a single, compact package, and in which the interface and output configuration is standardized across all models within the product line. This simplifies laser integration, power upgrades, and wavelength additions to multi-laser instruments.

The superior beam quality of OBIS 405 LX makes it ideal for use in confocal microscopy and both multi-laser and single laser applications of flow cytometry. Its output is ideal for exciting traditional dyes, such as Alexa Fluor and Pacifica Blue, as well as the wide variety of Qdots.

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