High Power Multi-Junction Pulsed Laser Diode: 905D1S3J0XX


The 905D series pulsed laser diodes are available as single elements or stacks with a peak power up to 650 W. At an efficiency of 1 W/A, the single elements achieve a peak power of 34 W, whereas the stack designs achieve an output of up to 650 W at a pulse length of 150 ns and a duty cycle of 0.1%.

Multi-junction pulsed laser diodes are similar to nanostack technology. LASER COMPONENTS’ PLDs exhibit a peak power of up to 70 W at a pulse length of 150 ns from a single chip and are thus quite impressive.

The 70 W diode is based on three epitaxially integrated emitters with an active area of altogether only 235 x 10 µm. Other versions deliver an output power of 25 W from an active area of 85 x 10 µm and 50 W from 160 x 10 µm. The small area allows the laser power to be coupled easily into a fiber and combined with micro optics.

A hermetically sealed TO housing ensures high reliability, an excellent overdrive capability, and a very precise chip alignment inside the TO can. To learn more about this product, download the available datasheet.