News | March 12, 2013

High Performance OBIS Laser Systems Provide Superior Flexibility


Same compact design used for all wavelength options

Edmund Optics (EO), the premier provider of optical components, is now offering Coherent High Performance OBIS Laser Systems. These precision laser systems are designed for a wide range of OEM and scientific applications including life sciences for the fluorescence excitation of dyes and proteins in flow cytometry, microscopy, DNA sequencing or drug delivery as well as environmental monitoring, inspection or experimentation.

UV to NIR on the same platform
The High Performance OBIS Laser Systems feature the same compact design used for all wavelength options, which provides excellent flexibility and economical design synergies --the compact, plug-and-play lasers provide wavelengths from UV to NIR on a single platform. Each laser uses either the proprietary Optically Pumped Semiconductor Laser (OPSL) or the laser diode-based technology. Every system features the same beam parameters in packages that allow the user the flexibility to plug-and-play alternate wavelengths as needed for exceptional convenience and cost savings.

Circular beam with superior beam quality
All Coherent High Performance OBIS Laser Systems include a USB, RS-485, and full I/O interface. The top cover features an integrated laser status multicolor LED. Providing a circular beam with superior beam quality, the lasers utilize smart electronics for outstanding low-noise optical performance. An ultra-small controller has been integrated into the laser head. A power supply is required for operation and is sold separately. Nineteen different models are available for immediate delivery for fast turnaround and excellent value.

About EO:
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SOURCE: Edmund Optics