News | April 17, 2008

High Performance EMI Filtered D-Sub Connectors Now With Shorter Lead Times


Fairview, PA - Spectrum Control now offers its high performance series 700 D-subminiature filtered connectors in significantly shorter lead times. With their new State College, PA ceramics facility in full production, Spectrum Control's in-house ceramic tube production ensures world-class quality and superior filtering with connector lead times as short as two-weeks.

Series 700 EMI filtered D-sub connectors are available with feed thru capacitors and Pi filters offering excellent insertion loss, with capacitance ranges to 5,000pF for feed-thru caps and 4,000pF for Pi filters. These connectors have the unique ability to selectively filter lines allowing signals of various rates to pass without degrading signal integrity. Spectrum D-subs are available in five shell sizes with termination configurations including PC mount, wire wrap, solder cup and right angle/straight PCB for both pin/socket contacts and as an adapter. In addition, there are many mounting/hardware options available; such as grounded board locks, locking inserts, jackscrews, 4-40 or M3 threads and more.

Spectrum's Series 700 D-sub connectors with FED/MIL approvals are ideal for providing an effective method of EMI filtering at the I/O interface. These filtered connectors offer a wide range of filtering options, design flexibility, and 100% testing of critical electrical parameters. In addition, their new ceramics facility allows Spectrum to be a vertically integrated connector manufacturer, controlling the high quality of their products, while adjusting production schedules to meet customer requirements for shorter lead times.

Spectrum Control's series 700 D-sub connectors have pricing ranging from $10 to $40 depending on configuration and quantities required.

SOURCE: Spectrum Control