High-End 6-Axis Piezo-Nanopositioning System

Source: PI (Physik Instrumente) LP

High-End 6-Axis Piezo-Nanopositioning System

The P-562.6CD PIMars is a 6-axis high-precision nanopositioning system. It provides fast and highly accurate multi-axis scanning and nanopositioning in applications involving biotechnology, mask/wafer positioning, micromanipulation, scanning microscopy, metrology, and interferometry.

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This nanopositioning system features a 1 mrad tilt angle, travel ranges to 200 µm, enhanced responsiveness, multi-axis precision, capacitive sensors that provide high linearity and stability, a frictionless and high precision flexure guiding system, a 66 x 66 mm clear aperture, and more. The clear aperture lends itself well for transmitted-light applications like near-field scanning or confocal microscopy. For more information on specifications and features for the P-562.6CD PIMars 6-Axis Piezo-Nanopositioning System, download the datasheet.

Check out this video for a brief explanation of Piezo and nanopositioning systems.

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