High Definition (HD) CMOS Camera for Microscopy and Industrial Imaging: HD-210U

Source: Dage-MTI, Inc.
High Definition (HD) CMOS Camera for Microscopy and Industrial Imaging: HD-210U

This single chip high definition CMOS  camera features 1920 x 1080 pixel resolution, the highest frame rate for real-time live viewing (60 fps), perfect color reproduction, full screen video (16:9) with smooth motion, and much more. This camera has been programmed for simple, one-push operation and has been designed to view highly detailed images in a real-time live mode.

The HD-210U High Definition Video Camera is ideal for applications involving metrology, defect analysis, live cell imaging, circuit board inspection, dental surgery, pathology/histology/cytology, tumor review boards, and more. It can also be implemented in collaborative environments, including industrial inspection, teleconferencing, and other remote applications where megapixel, real-time HD imagery is critical.

This camera adjusts yellow, cyan, green, magenta, red, and blue (instead of the standard red, green, and blue) to obtain perfect color images. Dage-MTI’s proprietary “MagicApp” software is included, allowing intuitive one-left-click mouse operation for image capture, display, and instant review.  The C-mount provides easy connectivity to industry-standard microscopes, adapters, and lenses.  The HD image adjusts quickly to magnification or rapid scene changes with no image smear, lag, or jitter.  The HD-210U camera system is perfect for full screen viewing of live microscopy samples using DLP projectors and/or HDTV displays, matching pixel-to-pixel resolution.  For added convenience, the one-button-push auto white balance function aids in high definition image analysis.