Application Note

HD Video — A Travel Log

Source: Toshiba Imaging Systems Division

By Paul Dempster, Toshiba Imaging Systems Division

Through the convergence of technologies, compact video camera design, improved optics, and video storage and transmission, high definition delivers incredibly diverse images from the depths of the sea to the edge of space and everywhere in between. During the past several years, the adoption of HD video formats for capture, display, and distribution has yielded imaging that offers superior clarity, resolution, and color details as never before. This article highlights several applications and many technical challenges met when applying the HD video format in different situations. While there are many HD video camera options, few have achieved the scope of industry and application as Toshiba Imaging’s IK-HD1 CMOS HD camera. Chances are you’ve already experienced images from this camera, as it is widely used in broadcasting for international sporting events and for on-board video from a wide range of vehicles and aircraft.