News | March 14, 2016

Go East: First Sensor Spends Eight Days In Asia

Source: First Sensor AG
Go East: First Sensor Spends Eight Days In Asia

Management team of Berlin-based sensor system company sounding out new partnership opportunities in China, Japan, and the Philippines

On the occasion of LASER World of PHOTONICS CHINA, Asia’s leading photonics trade fair, the management team of First Sensor AG embarked on an eight-day trip to Asia last Wednesday. Until March 17, 2016, the Berlin-based sensor system company will be showcasing its latest products for the Asian market and discussing the latest technologies and trends with local experts. Following stopovers in Japan and the Philippines, the First Sensor delegation – which includes the Board of Management and the heads of the Industrial business unit – is today visiting the Chinese company BYD in Shenzhen, where it will discuss applications in the field of environmental sensor systems.

"As a manufacturer of sensors and sensor systems that are ‘Made in Germany,’ First Sensor is already well represented on many markets worldwide. In the future, the targeted expansion of our international presence will increase our proximity to the customer, for example in North America and Asia, thereby securing additional sales potential," says Dr. Martin U. Schefter, CEO of First Sensor AG. "Internationalization is therefore a key pillar for achieving our medium-term growth targets."

Last Thursday in Tokyo, the company took one step toward achieving this goal: the extension of the distribution contract concluded with the Global Electronics Corporation, a Japanese distributor of electronic components. Over the next few years, both companies want to collaborate especially in the field of pressure sensor systems for state-of-the-art building automation and air-conditioning technology. In smart buildings, this technology intelligently matches energy generation, energy distribution, air conditioning, and heat recovery to enable the use of energy in a manner that saves resources and costs. To detect even the tiniest of pressures in this application field, one product that First Sensor has developed is the LDE, a differential pressure sensor featuring a very small flow channel that is integrated in the sensor chip – and for which the company received an industry award in 2015.

Tomorrow, the delegation will arrive in Shanghai at the opening of LASER World of PHOTONICS CHINA, where the focus of the more than 3,000 visitors from all over the world will be on not only smart building applications but also inertial sensors, which monitor the status of buildings in smart cities, as well as radiation measurement devices and optical detectors for LIDAR technology and robotics systems.

At the start of their trip to Asia, the First Sensor CEO Dr. Martin U. Schefter and Kiichi Matsuda, CEO Global Electronics Corporation, signed a distribution contract laying down the terms of both companies’ future collaboration on the Japanese market.

SOURCE: First Sensor