Fused Fiber Optic Components: Single-Mode Couplers

Source: G&H
single mode coupler

Applied in many fields, including avionic and space communications, biomedical instrumentation, fiber laser systems, industrial micromachining, interferometry, LIDAR, medical diagnostics, optical coherence tomography (OCT), sensing, and telecommunications, G&H's Single-Mode Couplers play a vital role in aligning and marrying individual cable fibers.

G&H manufactures a comprehensive line of fused fiber couplers for visible and NIR wavelengths using single-mode and polarization maintaining fiber. Fused fiber components possess low insertion loss and high extinction ratio, and are manufactured to exacting standards for quality and reliability. For more information on Single-Mode Couplers, download the available datasheets.

Product Function Wavelength
Dual Window Coupler 1310/1550nm Tap Coupler 1310 nm,C band
Duplexing WDM 1310-1550, 1625nm WDM 1310 nm,C,L band
Fixed Attenuator Attenuator C,C+L,L,S band
Fused Coupler 980nm Tap Coupler 980 nm
Fused Coupler C or L band Tap Coupler C,L band
Fused Coupler C+L or S band Tap Coupler C+L,S band
Fused Pump Signal WDM 1480nm WDM 1480 nm,C,L
Fused Pump Signal WDM 980nm WDM 980 nm,C,C+L,L
Near Infrared Coupler Tap Coupler 700 - 1200 nm
Near Infrared WDM WDM 700 - 1199 nm
NXN Fused Coupler Tap Coupler 1310,1480,1550,1585 nm,980
Subminiature Pump Signal WDM WDM 980 nm,C,C+L band,L
Subminiature Tap Coupler Tap Coupler C,C+L,L,S band
Ultra Low Ratio Tap Coupler Tap Coupler 700 - 1600 nm
Visible Wavelength Combiner WDM 400nm - 700 nm
Visible Wavelength Coupler Tap Coupler 400 - 700 nm

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