Fused Fiber Optic Components: 2000 nm (2 µm) Components

Source: G&H

G&H Fused Fiber Optic Components feature a range that has been expanded to include the 2 µm operating window. With multiple housing and pigtail options, these products are able to be used for many different applications. 

G&H offers multiple products that reach or exceed the 2000 µm operating window. Products in this line include couplers, combiners, and WDM. For more information on these components, download the available datasheets.

Product Wavelength
PM Fused Coupler for 2000nm (2µm) 2 µm Band
2+1x1 MM Power Combiner with PM Signal Feedthrough, 2000nm (2µm) 2000 nm, 750 - 850
6+1x1 MM Power Combiner with Signal Feedthrough, 2000nm (2µm) 2000 nm, 750 - 850
Fused Coupler for 2000nm (2µm) 1900 - 2200 nm
PM WDM, 2000nm (2µm) 1900 nm,2100 nm
SM WDM, 2000nm (2µm) 1900 - 2100 nm


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