Fused Fiber Optic Components: Polarization-Maintaining Couplers

Source: G&H
Polarization-Maintaining Coupler

Applied in many fields, including avionic and space communications, biomedical instrumentation, fiber laser systems, industrial micromachining, interferometry, LIDAR, medical diagnostics, optical coherence tomography (OCT), sensing, and telecommunications, G&H's Polarization-Maintaining Couplers provides optical signal combining or splitting over a wide bandwidth while preserving polarization with high extinction ratio in a rugged package.

G&H manufactures a comprehensive line of fused fiber couplers for visible and NIR wavelengths using single-mode and polarization maintaining fiber. Fused fiber components possess low insertion loss and high extinction ratio, and are manufactured to exacting standards for quality and reliability. For more information on Polarization-Maintaining Couplers, download the available datasheets.

Product Function Wavelength
Broadband PM Coupler Tap Coupler 800-960 nm
PM Applications Note App Note 750 - 2100 nm
PM Axis-Matched Low Ratio Tap Tap Coupler 900 - 1600 nm
PM Bow Tie Fiber Coupler Tap Coupler 900 - 1200 nm
PM Combiner Combiner 1060,1450,1550,1650 nm,980
PM Coupler N/A 750 - 16 xxnm
PM Ultra Low Ratio Tap Coupler Tap Coupler 900 - 1700 nm
PM WDM WDM 750 - 1600 nm

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