FPL-01 and FPL-01T Ultrafast Er-Fiber Lasers

Source: Calmar Optcom, Inc.
Transformed-limited femtosecond output
Key Features

High Performance

  • Transformed-limited femtosecond output
  • Wavelength continually tunable over 1525 to 1567 nm for FPL-01T


  • Environmentally stable, all-PM laser cavity construction
  • Output linearly polarized along a PM fiber axis

Ease of Use -- Turn-Key Operation

  • Use of semiconductor saturable absorber to ensure automatic laser self-start


  • Pulsewidth down to 100 fs by compression
  • Output energy up to 5 nJ, 50 mW average power
  • Peak wavelength in the range of 1525 to 1567 nm for FPL-01
  • Second harmonic generation of pulse output
  • Repetition rate in the range of 5 to 100 MHz

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