News | July 19, 2006

FLIR Systems, Inc. Announced ThermaCAM SC640 High Definition Science-Grade Infrared Camera

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Boston, MA - FLIR Systems, Inc., a developer of infrared cameras and technology, announced their science-grade ThermaCAM SC640 thermal imaging camera. The high definition SC640 features a large 640 x 480 pixel focal plane array ideal for the most advanced infrared temperature measurement applications that demand thermal measurements of micro-electronics, paper processing, automotive, plastics, injection molding, consumer appliance design, telecommunications, mechanical testing, and much more.

As an outstanding tool for capturing and recording thermal patterns in real time, the SC640 helps engineers visualize and quantify these patterns in the devices they create and events they monitor - providing an instant, accurate way to evaluate thermal performance.

The new uncooled, high definition 640 x 480 detector in the SC640 delivers 307,200 pixels versus 76,800 in an IR camera with a 320 x 240 detector. That's 4 times better resolution (16 times better than an infrared camera with a 160 x 120 detector)! This ability can make a considerable difference when examining and diagnosing a thermal anomaly on a small object, such as a printed circuit board during electronics design validation.

Weighing only 3.8lbs, this lightweight, diagnostic tool allows you to capture and observe your findings in your own lab or another location. Equipped with a long-life Li-Ion battery, the SC640 is portable and durable. Simply grab your SC640 and go!

FLIR's high definition infrared technology seamlessly integrates with its powerful ThermaCAM Researcher software. ThermaCAM Researcher is plug-and-play and allows easy analysis of static or real-time images. It contains powerful measurement and analysis functions for extensive temperature examination, including isotherms, line profiles, area histograms, image subtraction capability and much more. WindowsĂ’ based and extremely versatile, ThermaCAM Researcher adds a new level of power and flexibility to thermal imaging by offering extensive analysis capabilities as well as high-speed data acquisition. ThermaCAM Researcher stores, retrieves, and analyzes infrared images and data directly from the SC640, allowing in-depth and precise evaluation of 640 x 480 thermal images.

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